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Panasonic LCZ70 Series

The Panasonic LCZ70 Series is the second series of rear projection HDTVs that use Panasonic’s LIFI lamp technology which enables the set to have an extremely long lifetime, where the lamp will not need to be replaced over time at a costly expense. The LCZ70 Series is similar to their LCX70 range which also uses the LIFI lamp, but in the LCZ70 series all the sets are full HD 1080p. The Panasonic LCZ series is available in three different large screen sizes, as the 50-inch PT-50LCZ70, the 56-inch PT-56LCZ70, and the largest 61-inch PT-61LCZ70, all of which use the LIFI light engine and are 1080p full HD sets for the very best image quality.

These sets offer a much bigger screen size for an HDTV at a much lower price than their LCD or plasma equivalent. The LCZ series have a piano black finish, a 3,000:1 contras ratio, PC input, 3x HDMI inputs, SD card reader, EZ Sync and 20w speakers.

Panasonic LCZ70 Series Available August 2007

  • Panasonic PT-50LCZ70 – 50″ – SRP $1699.95
  • Panasonic PT-56LCZ70 – 56″ – SRP $1899.95
  • Panasonic PT-61LCZ70 – 61″ – SRP $2199.95