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Sharp LC-46D92U

Sharp LC-46D92UThe Sharp LC-46D92U is a 46-inch LCD with full HD 1080p resolution from Sharp’s Aquos 92U line. The LC-46D92U has a thin and elegant black gloss frame, and it’s screen offers some of the best black levels available from any LCD available. Read more

Panasonic DMR-EX77 Reviewed

Panasonic DMR-EX77The Pansonic DMR-EX77 HDD/DVD Recorder is an interesting piece of equipment. Not only is it a HDD/DVD Recorder, it is also a HD 1080i/p upscaller which not only upscalls DVDs, but also your TV / video input images that it is connected to. For example it can be used to record and upscale from your Cable / sky / TiVo box. The DMR-EX77 has a 160gb hard disk which can store recorded programs, as well as also recording to DVD plus DVD play back, as well as featuring a built in digital tuner. Read more

Toshiba 42X3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 42X3030DThe Toshiba 42X3030D can be thought as as a replacement for the 42WLT66, and which offers even more features, 1080p HD and at an even cheaper price tag. The large 42-inch Toshiba Regza 42X3030D has a great look with a glossy black frame finish and offers ful 1080p HD display (with 1080p input support this time), twin HDMI 1.3 inputs (deep color etc), component, scart and s-video Read more

Philips 37PF5521D Reviewed

Philips 37PF5521DThe Philips 37PF5521D is a 37-inch LCD HDTV with a reasonable price tag. 37-inch HDTVs are becoming more and more popular as they sit right between the (maybe a little small for your room) 32-inch set and the giant room grabbing 42-inch. The 37-inch 37PF5521D is currently just over £650 ($1200), which is a great price for a brand named LCD this size. There are 2x HDMI inputs, component, scart, s-video, and audio out for a separate audio system. unfortunately there is no VGA input for PC connection, so you will have to use one of the HDMI inputs via a DVI-HDMI adapter Read more

Panasonic TX-32LMD70 Reviewed

Panasonic TX-32LMD70The Panasonic Viera TX-32LMD70 is a 32-inch LCD HDTV with, well, a fairly plain look. I probably say this because the current trend is the “piano black” glossy finish, while this TX-32LMD70 has a kind of mat black finish. Oh well, looks are certainly not everything, and the Panasonic TX-32LMD70 features a 1080i resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, and has twin HDMI inputs. Read more

Toshiba 37X3030D Reviewed

Toshiba 37X3030DToshiba have been smart with the Regza 37X3030D, they have produced a full HD 1080p HDTV and given it a very reasonable price tag. The Toshiba 37X3030D is mid range between to top of the line Z series and the bottom of the C series, which offers a great mix of a great HD image with out all the other extra features from the top of the line, thus reducing the price. Read more

Sharp LC-32D43U

Sharp LC-32D43UThe 32-inch Sharp LC-32D43U is a stylish and elegant looking LCD from Sharps D43U Line of HDTVs. The LC-32D43U features 1080i / 720p HD formats in true 16:9 widescreen format with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The AQUOS LC-32D43U, like the other D43U line feature Sharp’s Emmy award winning LCD technology with advanced super view Read more

HP LC4776N Reviewed

HP LC4776NThe HP LC4776N is one of the most expensive LCD HDTVs to be released this year from HP. The 47-inch features full HD 1080p resolution for the highest resolution form of HD and follows the common trend of a glossy black frame. The LC4776N has a health three HDMI ports and a bunch of other great features, but as Cnet found out, it has a hard time of maintaining a deep black level and lacks pixel to pixel mapping on some aspect ratios. They say “potential buyers snooping around the rear of the LC4776N Read more

HDTV Refrigerator

lg-lsc27990.jpgA HDTV Fridge? Yes you did read that right, the brains at LG have come up with the great idea of an HDTV Fridge. The ummm, LG HDTV Fridge or the LG LSC27990 is the first refrigerator with an HDTV built in. LG’s president John Herrington speaks about previous LCD fridges and says, “LG is taking this innovation one step further with the introduction of our HDTV Refrigerator,”.

The LG LSC27990 HDTV fridge will cost you $4,000 and features a 15-inch LCD screen on the Read more

Toshiba REGZA 42LX177 | 46LX177

42LX177The upcoming Toshiba REGZA 42LX177 is a great HDTV to keep an eye out for. The 42LX177 uses advanced systems to almost completely eliminate motion blur during fast scenes without the need to decrease image brightness, or added flicker, giving clear and bright scene throughout viewing. The Regza also looks great with a large 42-inch screen and glossy black frame finish. The Toshiba 42LX177 is part of the Cinema Series REGZA, which support HDMI 1.3 with Deep Color and XVycc technology for increased color space. This Toshiba 42LX177 should be the perfect pick for users who which to view a lot of fast action movies and sports. Also avaliable is the larger 46-inch Toshiba REGZA 46LX177, the 52-inch Toshiba 52LX177, and the huge 57-inch Toshiba 57LX177.

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