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Sony KDS-55A2020 Reviewed

Sony KDS-55A2020If you are looking for a great large rear projection HDTV the Sony KDS-55A2020 SXRD could be your next best friend. The Sony KDS-55A2020 is a 55-inch 1080p rear projection HDTV offering the latest features and delivering sharp and vivid colorful images. The 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution set can display the highest HD format called 1080p or “full hd” offering you the very best in image quality. The KDS55A2020 is well priced at around $2,000, which give you a lot of screen for the money. Read more


There is a new technology on the way that we should see available in HDTV and other screens, along with Laser HDTV, called OLED. OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) displays as a brand new technology with several clear advantages over current LCD and plasma displays. Firstly OLED displays are much more energy efficient (as much as 40% more efficient) than LCDs, also they are even thinner than LCD TVs as there is no backlight required. Read more

Hitachi P42T01 Reviewed

Hitachi P42T01The Hitachi P42T01 is a large 42-inch plasma HDTV offering 720p and 1080i at a resolution of 1024 x 1080 pixels. The P42T01 is a very well designed set with a nice slim black gloss surrounding the plasma, with a solid base unit. The base unit / stand swivels and rotates electronically with the press of a button on the remote control to position the set for optimal viewing. The connectivity on the P42T01 is quite good, with two HDMI inputs (one on the rear, and one on the front) we would have still preferred two HDMI inputs on the rear, although a front port is always useful for quick connections. Read more

Sharp BD-HP20S

Sharp BD-HP20SThe Sharp BD-HP20S has been called Sharp’s “first” Blu-ray player, but we know this is not true, as there are always a number of sharp’s blu-ray players already on the market. So we must assume that the BD-HP20S is sharp’s “first” Blu-ray only player, as their other models included receivers and recorders. As the Sharp BD-HP20S is simply a real Blu-ray (BD) player only, it should keep prices down which we all like to see. Read more

Sharp LC52XD1E Reviewed

Sharp LC-52XD1EThe Sharp LC-52XD1E is Sharp’s 52-inch full HD 1080p offering from their LC-XD1E range. At a large 52-inches the LC-52XD1E is the biggest model available in the LC-XD1E range, and features the highest possible HD format (1080p) which will shown an increase in image quality over 1080i at this large size. The Sharp LC52XD1E has a 1920x1080p pixel resolution at a contrast ratio of 2,000:1 (10,000 dynamic) and a fast response time of 4ms. Read more

Samsung BD-UP5000 Release Date

Samsung announced their first Blu-ray and HD-DVD “HD Duo” player, the Samsung BD-UP5000 back in April after the LG BH100 player which was the first dual HD player to be annoucd during the CES 2007. Samsung have how said that they will begin to shop the BD-UP5000 in October or November. Read more

Sharp LC-20EX3

LC-20EX3Normally HDTV manufactures are pushing for the biggest HDTV they can sell to fit in your lounge, but Sharp are changing their plans with the Sharp Aquos LC-20EX3, aiming the LC20EX3 as a secondary HDTV for households. So if you want great HD quality in a smaller size, the Sharp LC-20EX3 20-inch LCD HDTV could be perfect. Read more

HD DVD Firmware | Enables Web Features

Thankfully modern hardare can be upgraded, and as both blu-ray and HD-DVD players are still very much a work in progress new features can be added and fixed. Much like upgrading HDTV firmware, the same can be done with HD players, and the latest firmware update for Toshiba’s second-generation HD-DVD players will keep HD-DVD’s interactive content one step ahead of Blu-ray. Read more

JVC LT-26DA8BJ Reviewed

jvc-lt-26da8bjJVC are not best known for their more budget HDTV prices, with some of the most expensive models on the market, so it’s a nice surprise to see the JVC LT-26DA8BJ 26-inch LCD HDTV at a nice price. 26-inch is probably on the smaller end of a lounge TV but a great size for other places. The LT-26DA8BJ costs roughly £425 which is a decent price for a HDTV this size, offering a good look and build. Read more

Philips 42PF5521D Reviewed

Philips 42PF5521DThe Philips 42PF5521D is a rather large, 42-inch plasma HDTV from a well known brand, costing just a mere £650 ($1,300), which seems like a very good deal, considering this is a large HDTV and from a known brand. So is the 42PF5521D simply a great deal? or have Philips cut too many corners shaving the price tag down?. The Philips 42PF5521D is not the best looking HDTV I have ever seen, but it is certainly not the ugliest. The 42-inch plasma display offers a 1024x1080i resolution for 720 and 1080i HD formats, at a quoted contrast ratio on 10,000:1 and brightness of 1400cd/m2. Read more

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