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Sony XBR10 | KDL-52XBR10, KDL-46XBR10

Sony Bravia XBR10Sony have just a announced their new flagship HDTV range, the Sony XBR10.

The XBR range has always been Sony’s flagship / highest end range, and with the new Sony Bravia XBR10 series, it adds two new models to the market. Read more

Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500

Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500The Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 is a very interesting and very small little computer. At first I wasn’t sure whether to write about it on my netbook reviews website, as I also cover nettops or to cover the news here, due to it’s great HTPC potential and that fact that it’s much more than a standard nettop.

The Fujitsu Q1500 mini PC might looks like a typical under powered nettops, but the Q1500 is in fact a very powerful PC crammed into a very small space. Read more

Toshiba BDX2000

Toshiba BDX2000Toshiba are better known as one of the major HD-DVD supporters in the past, before the HD format was was won by blu-ray.

They have now released their very first blu-ray player, the Toshiba BDX2000. Read more

Sony ZX5 | KDL-52ZX5 & KDL-46ZX5

While Sony has been very busy showing off their latest HDTVs from the European market at IFA, they have also managed to announce the new highend Sony Bravia ZX5 series in Japan.

The Sony ZX5 series is packed with the very latest technology, such as wireless 1080p connection, super slim design and 240Hz MotionFlow technology. Read more

Philips BDP7500, BDP9100, BDP9500

Philips BDP9500Philips have announced three new blu-ray players for the European market, the Philips BDP9500, BDP9100 and BDP7500.

Both blu-ray players support all the HD audio formats, and Internet video formats, feature 7.1 discrete analogue audio outputs, and sophisticated touch controls. Both also feature advanced HD up scaling technology to 1080p for DVDs. Read more

Philips 40PFL9904 | Aurea 2009

Philips_40PFL9904Philips have just announced their third generation Aurea HDTV for 2009.

The Philips 40PFL9904 also known simply as the new Aurea keeps it’s same signature features, such as the transparent “active frame” with Ambilight Spectra, full glass front and distinctive design.

The latest third generation Aurea now features 250 LEDs in the Acrive frame, for a “exact” Ambilight color matching with what is being displayed on the screen. There is also a seamless transition between the screen and the 8mm Ambilight Active frame. Read more

Philips 40PFL8664

Philips 40PFL8664The Philips latest 8000 series introduces the 40-inch Philips 40PFL8664 LED LCD HDTV.

The 40PFL8664 combines the latest stylish minimalist design, very high picture quality and very low power consumption into a very slim HDTV which measures just 39mm. Read more

Philips Wireless HDTV Link

Philips Wireless HDTV (HDMI)Wireless HDMI / HDTV has been spoken about for over a year now. FlyWire showed promise at first, but has since had it’s development canceled.

Now Philips have announced their “Wireless HDTV Link” product which can set your HDTV free from it’s HDMI cables with it’s own HDMI transmitter / receiver pair. Read more

Panasonic TX-P58V10 & TX-P65V10

Panasonic TX-P65V10At this years IFA in Berlin, Panasonic has been talking a lot about their upcoming 3D HDTV systems. But they did also announce two new V10 NeoPDP HDTVs.

The large 58-inch Panasonic TX-P58V10 and 65-inch Panasonic TX-P65V10 will join the other two models in the current Panasonic V10 series (TX-P42V10, TX-P50V10). Read more

Sony W5810 | KDL-40W5810, KDL-46W5810, KDL-52W5810

Sony Bravia W5810The new Sony Bravia W5810 seems to be the UK only version of the Sony W5800 series, as it contains the new freesat DVB-S2 tuner, eliminating the need for a set-top box.

The Sony W5810 series is the first series (along with the Sony Z5800 series) to feature a the integrated freesat DVB-S2 tuner, giving you access to over 140 free TV and radio channels, with over 70 hours a week of free HD TV viewing. Read more

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