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Sharp LV-52TH1, LV-65TH1 – Aquos T Series

AQUOS T-seriesSharp have announced their Aquos T Series of LCD HDTVs, which are the worlds first THX certified HDTVs. The Sharp Aquos T Series are available in 65-inch as the Sharp LV-65TH1 and 52-inch as the Sharp LV-52TH1.
The THX certification of the Sharp T Series, aka the THX Logo of approval, is meant to ensure the very best match of contrast and brightness with home theater level of video reproduction processing. Read more

BenQ SH4241

It have been a while since we have seen any new LCDs from BenQ, but their new BenQ SH4241 seems to be an impressive set that we very much look forward to seeing later this year. Read more

Epson Ensemble Home Cinema System

Epson Ensemble Home Cinema SystemIf you would like some big screen action, home cinema style, the Epson Ensemble Home Cinema System should be looking every attractive to you. Epson claim that their Ensemble package includes everything you need to turn part of your home in to a theater you will be very proud of. Read more

Vizio 52-Inch 1080p LCD | $2200

According to Digitimes a 52-inch Vizio Full-HD (1080p) LCD TV is expected to be released to the North American market in August this year manufactured from LCD panels sourced from LG.Philips, say their sources. Read more

Sharp LC-52D62U

Sharp LC-52D62UThe Sharp LC-52D62U is a very popular 52-inch LCD HDTV with a “Full HD” 1080p resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and costs a whole lot less than many others in a similar size. The size, price, and features makes the LC-52D62U a winner with users, making it the most popular 52-inch set and the receiver of many happy users. Read more

Samsung LN-S3251D Reviewed

Samsung LN-S3251DIf you are looking for a great 32-inch LCD HDTV at a great price from a well known brand, you should check out the Samsung LN-S3251D. It’s very clear than many other people have, and bought the LN-S3251D as it is the most popular HDTV sold through pricegrabber. The Samsung LNS3251D has a very attractive and modern look which should appeal to almost everyone out there, a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats delivering a great image at 4,000:1 contrast ratio and deep black levels. Read more

LG 42LF66 Reviewed

LG 42LF66The LG 42LF66 is a huge step up from anything LG has produced before. The 42LF66 looks amazing with it’s black gloss frame, and it’s specifications look just as great. Offering “full hd” 1080p HD LCD for the best HD image possible at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and even more importantly the LG 42LF66 supports 1:1 direct pixel mapping, using the exact pixels positions for the best image quality and clarity, a feature that many HDTVs lack. Read more

BT Vision Sports Package

If you currently own a V-Box from BT Vision and love sports, you will be happy to hear that BT has launched its sports package, which football matches available from £1.99. The BT Vision sports package enables you to watch near live broadcastings of Barclays Premier League matches. Unfortunately you will have to watch these on the same day, but after 10pm, but BT does offers a months worth of near live matches for only £4. Read more

Panasonic TH-42PX70 Reviewed

Panasonic TH-42PX70While some makers have been dropping plasmas over LCD, Panasonic have remained true to the plasma Technology. The Panasonic TH-42PX70 is a 42-inch plasma screen with an attractive design and an attractive price tag. The TH-42PX70 is available as the TH-42PX70PED with the pedestal stand, and as the TH-42PX70CAB with cabinet. Read more

LG 50PC5D Reviewed

LG 50PC5DPlasma HDTVs always win against LCD HDTVs in the big screen wars, some say it’s because the offering better image quality, such as deeper black levels, but mostly its due to cheaper prices in the large screen models. The LG 50PC5D is a 50-inch large plasma set with a relatively inexpensive price tag of around $2,200. The 50-inch plasma offers a great look with a black gloss finish with a silver trim, a 1,366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats. Read more

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