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LG PT85 Series

LG’s new plasma series, the PT85 Series will enter the market shortly and be available in 42-inch and 50-inch sizes. While the smaller 42-inch plasma set will have a 1024×768 pixel resolution, the larger 50-inch screen will have a higher 1366×768 pixel resolution. Read more

Toshiba Regza C3500 Series

Toshiba 42C3500Toshiba’s new Regza C3500 Series of LCD HDTV are on the cheaper end of their line up, although they are cheaper they don’t show any signs of cut features. The C3500 series are available as 1080p 1920×1080 pixel resolution models in the larger 37-inch 37C3500 and the 42-inch 42C3500, and as 720p 1,366×768 resolution models in the 32-inch 32C3500 and 26-inch 26C3500. Read more

Toshiba REGZA RF350 Series | 40RF350 & 46RF350

Toshiba 46RF350The Toshiba Regza RF350 Series of LCD HDTV are “design minded” displays which come in two sizes, the 40-inch 40RF350 and the 46-inch 46RF350 and are offered in a range of colors. Both of the RF350 series sets are full HD 1080p (1920×1080 pixel resolution) VA panel LCD with 1080p/60p/24p support with 10-bit processing for improved color reproduction and features a wider color gamut backlight. Read more

Toshiba Regza Z3500 Series

Toshiba 57Z3500 (Regza Z3500 Series)Toshiba has announced a total of 15 HDTVs including five in their top of the line flagship series the Toshiba REGZA Z3500 Series. Their new Z3500 Series range from the 37-inch 37Z3500 up the the huge 57-inch 57Z3500 with 42-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch sizes also available.
The Toshiba Z3500 sets certainly do look very impressive and offer many new generation features. Read more

Target’s 28, 32-Inch Sony Bravias | KDL32ML130, KDL26ML130

Sony Bravia KDL32ML130 TargetJust as promised a few months back, Sony has made two Sony Bravia LCD HDTVs available exclusively to Target stores (and Target Online stores) at discount prices. The 26-inch Sony KDL26ML130 and the 32-inch Sony KDL32ML130 from their Bravia range of 720p HDTVs are currently at their online store for $799.99 and $899.99 respectively, and will be in stores from September 07. Read more

Toshiba Z Series

Toshiba Z-Series 47Z3030DThe new Toshiba Z Series will replace the popular and successful X series. The Z series models will range from the 37-inch Toshiba 37Z3030D, to the largest 57-inch 57Z3030D. All models are LCD 1080p / 24p screen with “Active Vision M100“, which is Toshiba’s 100Hz technology which outputs at a high 100Hz rate to cut down on motion blur and juddery motion. Toshiba has also added a motion judder canceler which should cut out and image jagging from the 3:2 pulldown process. Read more

Samsung PS-50P96FD, PS-63P76FD

Samsung PS-63P76FDSamsung are upping their game in the plasma market by bringing two new full HD plasma panels to the market. First up is the 50-inch Samsung PS-50P96FD and the giant 60-inch Samsung PS-63P76FD which gives you a whole 160cm diagonal screen size. Both of the new plasma screens have a 15:000:1 contrast ratio and a high 1,000 cm/m2 brightness value with a viewing angle of above 175 degrees. Read more

Samsung F9 Series / F96

Samsung F9 LE-52F96BDThe Samsung F9 Series was announced a few weeks ago in America as the Samsung 81 Series and has received a huge amount of attention, so we can expect the same of the Samsung F9 over in Europe as well. Read more

Samsung F8 Series / F86

Samsung F8 SeriesFor our European visitors I present you with the Samsung F8 Series, the European equivalent of the very impressive American Samsung 71 series. First off the new F8 series of LCD HDTVs look amazing with the thin frame black gloss finish. Currently we know of the 40-inch Samsung LE40F86BD and the 46-inch LE-46F86BD, but we suspect they will also be available in both 37 and 52 inches. Read more

Philips Aurea | The New Ambilight

Philips AureaPhilips have announced their brand new Aurea technology which will replace their very popular and successful Ambilight lighting technology which produces lighting effects around all the sides of the television to create a more immersive experience while reducing eye strain. Read more

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