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Pioneer PDP-4280HD Reviewed

Pioneer PDP-4280HDThe Pioneer PDP-4280HD is the smaller of the three Pioneer Kuro plasma HDTVs. These Kuro sets have received a lot of attention due to their use of the most modern HDTV technologies and their great looks. The 42-inch PDP-4280HD plasma set has a 1,024×768 pixel resolution and boast very impressive black levels which are among the very best in the industry, brining great colors and contrast. Read more

LG BH100 Reviewed

LG BH100The LG BH100 HD Duo HD player enters the market against a small selection of other players which play both HD DVD discs, and Blu-ray discs. Read more

Samsung PS50P96 Reviewed

Samsung PS50P96FDSince the very moment the Samsung PS50P96FD was announced it attracted a lot of attention from prospective buyers. The PS50P96 is a large 50-inch plasma HDTV which offers a full HD 1080p screen offering the highest pixel count of 1920×1080 pixels for the highest quality images, and comes loaded with all the latest HD features. Read more

Pioneer BDPLX70 Reviewed

Pioneer BDP-LX70 smallIf you’re looking to sink some money into the Blu-ray route of HD media playback, the Pioneer BDP-LX70 certainly seems to be a great player to select. Pioneer have always been known for their high end hardware, and the BDP-LX70 blu-ray player is one of their latest devices, so you can expect something good. Read more

Denon S-302 / S-102

Denon S-302Denon have long been known for the high quality sound and video entertainment systems. Their latest offerings, the Denon S-302 and the S-102 smart home theater systems look great and are very compact. Read more

LG 47LY95 Reviewed

LG 47LY95The LG 47LY95 was a surprise to us when we first saw it. The 47LY95 is a large 47-inch HDTV which offers a full HD 1080p LCD screen (1920×1080 pixel) for less than £1,400 ($2,800). Even though prices have dropped dramatically over the last year, a Full HD LCD set of this size and price is quiet amazing. Read more

Panasonic TX-32LXD700 Reviewed

Panasonic TX-32LXD700Panasonic LCD HDTVs always tend to receive great reviews, so when you’re looking at their top of the line “flagship” model, you can expect to be very impressed. The Panasonic TX-32LXD700 is a 32-inch LCD HDTV with a 1366×768 pixel resolution, a very high 8,500:1 contrast ratio for great colors, and great features. Read more

Samsung BD-UP5000 Reviewed

Samsung bd-up5000 smallA very frustrating fact of owning a HDTV is, you own this great HDTV, but you have yet to buy an HD media to show off on your set. As the HD format war is still nowhere closer to an end, users don’t want to pay for a player and media, only for the format to later die. Read more

Sony BDZ | BDZ-T50, T70, L70, X90

Sony BDZ Blu-ray playerSony has revealed four new Blu-ray players and recorders which are set to hit the market on November 8th. The four blu-ray players and recorders can of course play back BD (blu-ray) discs as well as burn 50GB dual-layer BD-R/RE discs and also feature a hard disc drive between 250GB and 500GB on the top model. Read more


NEC AccuSyncWe have seen a couple of LCDs (monitors) designed primarily for computers but are just at home being used as a HDTV, either through featuring a built in TV tuner, or by having the appropriate inputs. NEC’s new line of AccuSync LCDs WMGX series feature the normal DVI / VGA inputs, but also component and HDMI inputs with full HDCP support for use with encoded content such as Blu-ray and HD DVD players and also the next generation of games consoles. Read more

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