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Sony 2008 HDTV Lineup

Sony has been very busy at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and have announced a total of 17 brand new Sony Bravia LCD HDTVs to the market.

They have split these 17 new models into six different model lines, starting at the top of the line down, the Z, W, V, XBR6, N and M Series. Covering a size ranging from just 19-inches all the way to 52-inches. Read more

JVC Procision Series: LT-52X899, LT-47X899, LT-42X899

JVC have announced their new Procision Series range of LCD HDTVs which feature JVCs ext-generation high definition engine, Clear Motion Drive III technology. Read more

JVC LT-42SL89, LT-46SL89

JVC LT-42SL89, LT-46SL89JVC have announced their “Super-Slim” LCD HDTV, which they are claiming to the the worlds thinest (with an internal tuner, Hitachi 1.5 LCD is only 1.5-Inches max) at just 1.5 inches deep with a maximum depth of just 2.9-inches (74mm) at the center. Read more

JVC P Series | LT-32P679, LT-42P789, LT-47P789, LT-52P789

JVC P Series (LT-32P679)JVC have announced their new P Series range of LCD HDTVs which all feature an iPod dock. The iPod dock on the JVC P Series is called the iPod TeleDock, which flips downs at the base of the set, which provides a direct connection allowing playback of both video and audio through the HDTV. It will also change the iPod while the set is off and playback can be controlled by the clickwheel type TV remote and menu screens. Read more

Hitachi UltraThin 1.5 Line: Director, V, S Series

Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 (Hitachi 1.5)Hitachi is anticipating to be a hot topic at this years CES with it’s latest HDTV line up, the Hitachi Ultra Thin 1.5 line. Available in 2008, Hitachi will release the worlds first “Ultra Thin Displays”, after hinting “1.5 Is coming” the new lineup of LCD HDTVs are, as the name hints, just 1.5-inches thick, or thin. Read more

Marantz BD8002

Marantz BD8002Marantz is known for making very high quality components, but also unfortunately these products come at a high price. Marantz’s latest blu-ray player, the Marantz BD8002 will be shown at CES 2008. We can expect a lot from the Marantz BD8002 blu-ray player, and from taking a look at it’s specifications it does not disappoint, it is one of the only players which seems to include all of the features available today. Read more

Slingbox Pro HD

Slingbox Pro HDSling Media have unvailed their new Slingbox Pro HD product early this year, just ahead of CES. The new Pro HD box should be exciting for HD users as this version has built in HD inputs and can this time stream the content in true HD at 1080i, rather than the older Solo and Pro versions which can only stream at a max resolution of that around VGA. Read more

Westinghouse Digital Wireless HDMI HDTV

WirelessHD 1.0 has just been announced and Westinghouse are hot on their heals with the announcement of their Digital Wireless HDMI HDTV. Westinghouse has been working with Pulse-Link and plan to demo the HDTV at this years CES. Read more

Best HDTVs of 2007

2007 has been an amazing year for HDTVs, both gaining huge public interest and evolving at a very fast pace. In the last six months alone we have seen a number of advances in HDTV technology to bring you an even better home theater experience. Read more

Belkin FlyWire | AV69003, AV69000

Belkin FlyWireAmimon as partnered up with Belkin in the wireless HD department and have announced the Belkin FlyWire wireless HD device. The FlyWire uses Amimon’s wireless HD interface known as WHDI, which is fully HDCP certified. Read more

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