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Samsung T220, T240, T260

Samsung T260HDIt’s time again for one of those products which is both a LCD monitor, perfect for business, and also perfect for use as a HDTV and HD media screen. The Samsung T260HD is a 26-inch LCD screen released along with it’s 24-inch brother the Samsung T240, which both have a 1920×1080 pixel resolution which is perfect for full HD media content such as Blu-ray. Read more

Sky HD adding Three New HD Channels

Great news for myself and the other 400,000 Sky HD subscribers in the UK, with Sky adding three new HD channels to it’s line up, brining the number of total HD channels to 17, and access to 6,500 hours of HD programming. Read more

BBC Six Nations Rugby Match In 3D

3D HDTV might be closer than we think, with the BBC broadcasting a Six Nations Rugby Match in 3D. The 3D rugby action will broadcast a test screen of the six nations match between Scotland and England on March 8th live in 3D HD to a select audience. This will be a joint venture between BBC Sport and the 3DFirm. Read more

Lite-On DX-4O1S

Looking to grab an external Blu-ray drive / player? Philips and Lite-On digital have announced Lite-On DX-4O1S, the first USB 2.0 external DB-ROM drive for release in the second quarter of this year. If your looking for a quick and easy way to add HD movies in the form of Blu-ray to your computer / laptop or media center the external drive should be very handy, allowing playback via a simple USB 2.0 cable. Read more

Sony BDP-S550

Sony BDP-S550 (BDPS550)There has never been a better time to buy a blu-ray player now that blu-ray won the HD war, and the manufacturers have come to perfect their players. The new high end Sony BDP-S550 blu-ray player looks amazing and it 100% packed with all the latest features and specifications meeting the latest blu-ray profile 2.0. Read more

Sony BDP-S350

Sony BDP-S350Blu-ray has only just won the HD format war, and Sony has just released two new blu-ray players, the Sony BDP-S350 and the DBP-S550. There has never been a better time to buy a blu-ray / HD media player, and there doesn’t seem much of a better choice than the new BDP-S350. Read more

Toshiba CV Series

Toshiba have replaced their C series of LCD HDTVs by the new Toshiba Regza CV series. They are aiming the new Toshiba CV series at customers wishing to upgrade from an existing high specification CRT or older analog LCD TV to HDTV. Read more

Toshiba XV Series

At the middle of Toshiba’s new LCD HDTV ranges comes the brand new Regza XV Series. The Toshiba XV series will replace the very popular X series from 2007, and will feature a full 1080p HD resolution at a very attractive price point. The XV’s will be avaliable in March 08 in three sizes, 32, 37 and 42-inches. Read more

Toshiba ZF Series | 40ZF355D, 46ZF355D

Toshiba ZF SeriesThe Toshiba ZF series holds the current title as the HDTV with the worlds thinest frame, so if you like thin frames, you should love the Toshiba Regza ZF series. The ZF is Toshiba’s flagship range featuring the highest price, but also the highest specifications. Firstly the frame / bezel is ultra thin at just 0.9-inches wide, meaning more important screen size, and less wasted space. Read more

Panasonic TH-103PF10UK | 103-Inch HDTV

Panasonic TH103PF10UK (TH-103PF10UK)Looking for a big HDTV?, and I mean a very very big HDTV? Then you can look no further than the brand new 103-inch plasma HDTV, the Panasonic TH-103PF10UK. This massive plasma screen of course has a full 1080p HD resolution and a whole bunch of improvements over the previous model. This 103-inch plasma hdtv comes from Panasonic’s 10-series of plasmas. Read more

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