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Samsung LN-T5265F Reviewed

Samsung LNT5265FLooking for a large, stylish, high quality and decently priced HDTV? I would highly recommend you checkout the Samsung LN-T5265F, from the Samsung 65F series. This large 52-inch HDTV has been selling so well, it has been on the top 10 list of many retailers for many months, and for good reason, this is a very good HDTV. Read more

Samsung LN-T4081F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4081FSamsung have come up with a very impressive HDTV from it’s 81 Series, with the Samsung LN-T4081F. The 40-inch LNT4081F has some of the best performance and quality results out there on the market.

So how does the Samsung LN-T4081F perform so well? It uses many LEDs to light the screen rather than a standard CCFL backlight, this produces very high performance in terms of eliminating motion blur, improving black levels and color contrast ratio. Read more

Samsung 53 Series | 953BW, 2053BW, 2253LW, 253BW

Samsung 2053BW (Samsung 53 Series)I normally only post about HDTVs and everything HD, which sometimes includes computer LCD monitors if they feature a HD resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), but they brand new and amazing looking Samsung 53 series of monitors caught my attention, and I just had to write about them. Read more

Sky HD Reviewed Complete

I have had Sky HD for a few weeks now, and have been testing it out on my 40-inch Sony KDL40W3000, and have completed a detailed review of Sky HD. I give an overview of the Sky HD Box along with optimal setup instructions and photos of the HD quality along with comparisons to a standard definition signal. Read more

Only 5% of European HDTV owners Have HD Channels

Most HDTV buyers know that to receive HD / HDTV channels you need to be able to receive HD programming. Simply owning an HDTV will not enable you to watch HD channels / programming, you can buy a blu-ray player or HD DVD player to watch HD content from discs, but it you want HDTV channels you need to be able to receive them, and apparently only 5% of European HDTV owners receive HD programming. Read more

Sony KDL-52XBR4 Reviewed

Sony KDL-52XBR4Sony’s Bravia XBR4 range has been a massive hit with owners and reviews over the past months due to it’s unique and impressive looks and great performance. The 52-inch Sony KDL-52XBR4 is the large size LCD HDTV from the popular Sony XBR4 series, and is recognized from it’s famous “floating glass” frame bezel surround. Read more

Mvix MX-780HD

Mvix have released their new and improved HD media streamer / media center with the Mvix MX-780HD media center. The new Mx-780HD is much more suited to HD media and HDTV with the inclusion of a HDMI output (1080p) and also a SATA port for connecting up hard drive space. Read more

Pioneer To Stop Making Plasma HDTVs

Pioneer are well known as the king of Plasma HDTVs and are more often than not considered the very best. Their Kuro range has received top honorers from all around the world, but are becoming increasingly hard to find available for sale. The reason behind this is probably due to Pioneer deciding to stop manufacturing plasma panels for it’s HDTVs. Read more

Toshiba 46XF355D Reviewed

Toshiba 46XF355D SmallThere has been a recent trend to make thinner and thinner HDTVs, and now with the Toshiba 46XF355D, thinner surround frames. The 46-inch Toshiba 46XF355D has a very impressive “picture frame” design, where it’s bezel / frame is just 23mm thick, which not only looks great, but also means the 46XF355D only takes the same space as a regular 40-inch model. Read more

Sony Quits CRT Bussiness

Only a few short months ago Sony announced that they were going to stop manufacturing RPTV sets (rear projection) to concentrate on the other display forms. And now, at the end of this month, Sony will end production of it’s CRT Trinitron sets. Read more

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