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Sharp BD-HP24U, BD-HP70U | Sharp’s 2010 Blu-Ray Players

Sharp BD-HP70UThe Sharp BD-HP24U and BD-HP70U are the two latest blu-ray players to be announced my Sharp.

Both players are packed with the latest features and support online connectivity for Netflix and other services. Sharp say that the players set new price / performance benchmarks for the industry. Read more

Toshiba 55ZX900, 65ZX900 | ZX900 Series Cell TV

Toshiba ZX900 SeriesThe Toshiba Cell TV has been announced for the US, known as the Toshiba ZX900 series. We have previously seen details of the Toshiba Cell HDTV from it’s Japanese version the 55X1.

The Toshiba ZX900 series Cell TV is Toshiba’s top of the range flagship HDTV for 2010 and in many ways stands out from the other highend HDTVs on the market.

The ZX900 series consists of the 55-inch Toshiba 55ZX900, and the 65-inch Toshiba 65ZX900 are unique in the HDTV world as they contain a Cell processor, the very same which powers the Sony Playstation 3. Read more

LG BD570, BD590, BD550

LG BD590LG have just unleashed three new blu-ray players to the world at this years CES in Vegas, the LG BD570, BD590, and BD550.

All three LG blu-ray players look great and are feature packed with the latest technology.

Sitting at the very top of the tree is the LG BD590. The BD590 stands out from the crowd with it’s built in 250GB hard drive. Read more

Popbox Media Streamer

Popbox Media StreamerJust a few weeks ago I remember reading that Syabas, the makers of the very popular Popcorn Hour C-200, will make an exciting announcement at CES 2010.

Well it appears that the announcement has come early in the form of the Syabas Popbox media streamer!

The Popcorn Hour C-200 is currently the raining king of media streamers for AV enthusiasts, playing every audio and video codec that you can throw at it. Read more

Samsung LN32B360 Reviewed

Samsung LN32B360The Samsung LN32B360 is a 32-inch 720p LCD HDTV from Samsung’s latest entry level range. As the LN32B360 is an entry level HDTV it has been priced accordingly, which makes it a great deal as they can currently be found online for around just $400.

While the Samsung LN32B360 might be at the starting end of the market and offered at a very attractive price point it doesn’t mean it’s going to perform badly. Read more

Toshiba Cell TV | Toshiba 55X1

Toshiba Regza 55X1While it might be on it’s way to the US or European shores the new “Cell Regza” or “Cell TV” the Toshiba 55X1 has shown it’s face over in Japan, and is due for release today.

We heard about the new Toshiba Cell HDTV many months back where Toshiba was showing off the new Regza Cell HDTV. Inside the Toshiba Regza 55X1 HDTV is a Cell processor, the very same found in the powerful Playstation 3. Read more

Philips 47PFL9664 Reviewed

Philips 42PFL9664I think most people would agree that the 47-inch Philips 47PFL9664 is one of the most attractive HDTVs on the market today. Not only does does it offer a slim bezel leaving more LCD and less frame, it is also very slim at just 5cm at it’s thickest point, and at 47-inches, this is very slim.

I personally love the aluminium finish, which is colored in two tones, it reminds me of a modern version of the Sony W3000 from a number of years back. Of course there are more important aspects to an HDTV than how good it looks turned off! Read more

FIFA World Cup In 3D

world cup 3dSony and FIFA have announced that they will deliver 3D football from FIFA World Cup 2010 to millions of sports fan in Europe.

Up to 25 of the FIFA World Cup South Africa matches will be produced using Sony’s 3D cameras, which will bring new depth, and excitement to viewers.

Senior Analyst Tom Morrod says, “The news that the FIFA World Cup will be filmed in 3D for the first time will certainly increase the uptake rate of 3D TVs in the home and develop the installed base earlier than would otherwise have been the case.” Read more

ViewSonic VP2365WB, VP2655WB

ViewSonic VP2365WBWhile I am mostly interested in HDTVs on this site, occasionally an LCD computer monitor catches my attention that I would like to share with you. ViewSonic have just announced two new “Professional” IPS LCD monitors with 1080p resolution and 118% NTSC wide color gamut.

The ViewSonic VP2365WB measures 23-inches, while the ViewSonic VP2655WB measures 26-inches. Read more

Sony KDL-40Z5800 Reviewed

Sony KDL-40Z5800The Sony KDL-40Z5800 is one of the very latest Sony models to be announced from late ’09. It is the 40-inch model from the Sony Bravia Z5800 series of Full HD 1080p LCD HDTVs, which are also the first on the market to features a tripple tuner and Motionflow 200Hz technology.

The triple tuner is essentially three tuners (DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C), including a Freesat HD tuner, allowing you to watch Freesat HD broadcasts without the need of a separate decoder box. Read more

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