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Sony KDL-46X4500 Reviewed

Sony KDL-46X4500The Sony KDL-46X4500 is a 46-inch LED backlit LCD HDTV from Sony’s top of the range Bravia X4500 series.

As it’s from Sony’s top of the range series, you can expect it to perform very well, and have some features which you wouldn’t find on lower models. The Sony KDL-46X4500 is the first Sony HDTV to feature RGB (red, green, blue) LED backlighting, which can be individually controlled. Read more

BBC iPlayer Now In HD

The UK’s very popular BBC iPlayer has started to offer HD video streams and downloads of many of their new programmes.

As many people in the UK do not have Sky HD / FreeSat HD, or general access to HD content, it will be the first time it’s available to them. Read more

Sony BDP-S360

sony bdp-s360The Sony BDP-S360 is an entry-level blu-ray player with some impressive features and specifications. It’s the first entry-level blu-ray player from Sony which features internal DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD decoding, allowing for 7.1 channel audio via a compatible AV receiver. Read more

Samsung UN46B8000, UN55B8000

Samsung 8000 SeriesThe top of the range LCD HDTV from Samsung for 2009 is the Samsung 8000 LED series. Like most high-end HDTVs, they only cover the larger screen size of the market with 46-inch and 55-inch models only.

The Samsung 8000 series are a step up from the 7000 series, offering a number of improvements and features. Read more

Samsung UE40B7020, UE46B7020, UE55B7020

samsung ue55b7020The Samsung 7020 series is Samsung’s latest offering for the very impressive LED Series 7. The 7020 models are an extension to the 7000 models, offering the same specifications but a different colour finish.

The Samsung 7000 models have a red / ruby finish, which might not be all everyone’s taste, so Samsung have created the B7020′s with a blue / transparent gray finish. Read more

Samsung UE40B7000, UE46B7000, UE55B7000

samsung ue46b700The Samsung 7000 series are some of the slimmest sets we have ever seen, at less than 3cms deep. Unlike some other ultra thin HDTVs, the 7000 series features an all on one design, rather than moving some of the internal components to a separate connected box. Read more

Torrent SureConnect, Magnetic HDMI Cable

sureconnectThe HDMI cable is the best cable to use when hooking up all your HD equipment, and delivers 1080p at the highest quality. But the number one complaint about HDMI cables, are their weak connection.

The HDMI connection lacks any sort of locking method to help keep the cable in securely. Read more


jvc gd-463d103D HDTV has been talked about for many years now, but there is still no standard or much of any 3D content at all. But none of that has stopped JVC from launching their own 3D LCD HDTV, with the hope of being one of the first in the 3D revolution. Read more

Acer AspireRevo Nettop

acer aspirerevoAs well as having a big interest in HDTV, I also have a very big interest in Netbooks and Nettop, and run a website about netbook reviews called as you might expect, Netbook Reviews.

So naturally, when I see a device that comes along and fits into both of these categories, I am very interested. Read more

Mitsubishi Unisen 151, 153 Series

mitsubishi unisenMitsubishi have launched their newest LCD HDTV range with the Mitsubishi Unisen series. If two speakers aren’t enough for your HDTV, the Mitsubishi Unisen range packs a massive 16 speakers into it’s built in audio bar.

By using an advanced algorithm to delay the sound beams and independently project them from the 16 speakers, creates a fully immersive surround sound experience. Read more

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