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UK Launch of Sharp Aquos X Series

Great news for the people of UK, and we guess, most of Europe.  Sharp have announced that their recent Aquos X Series will hit UK stores in September this year.  The sharp Aquos X Series was only just announced for Japan last month at the CES show.  These ultra thin LCD HDTVs are certainly thin at just 34mm at their very thickest point.

The Aquos X Series will be the very thinest avaliable HDTV avaliable in the UK, so if thin is what you want the X series should be the set you are looking for.  We can Imagen that these will look amazing mounted on a wall.  They feature a Full HD 1080p display for the very best HD format, and come in three sizes, 37-inch LC-37XJ1, 42-inch LC-42XJ1 and the 46-inch LC-46XJ1.   For more information view the Sharp Aquos X Series page.