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TiVo Series 3 Lite

Many of us know that TiVo Series 3 costs a lot of money, too much money for a lot of people. Well TiVo guys have finally realized this, and are planning on releasing a cheaper version of the Series 3, called the “Series 3 Lite“. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said, “we did not have a lower-priced mass appeal HD offering. As we indicated last quarter, given the price of our Series 3 unit, we have not been able to meaningfully participate in the HD wave in retail. without having a mass appeal priced HD unit to participate in the real key trends that you want to see in consumer electronics today, it’s difficult and until we have that product later this year”.

Why it took TiVo so damn long to notice that 90% of people aren’t willing to pay out $800, we will never know. But the “Lite” version
should do most of what the full version can do, and save people a lot of money, and TiVo even more.