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Kodak Theatre HD Player Reviewed

The Kodak Theatre HD Player is a slim sleek unit which hopes to find it’s way under your HDTV. As more and more media finds it’s way on to your PC and the Internet, while you don’t necessarily want to be tethered to your PC, the Theatre HD Player hopes to bring this content directly to your TV.

Featuring multiple flash card slots, USB 2.0 inputs, and HDMI and component outputs the Kodak Theatre HD Player is easily connected. With built in wireless access the player can access your networked PCs and their media, along with the Internet for features such as Internet streaming, YouTube and Flickr feeds. 720p / 1080p video playback along with online radio are supported.

Kodak Theatre HD PlayerThe most interesting a revolutionary feature of the Kodak Theater HD Player is it’s gyroscopic based “Pointer Remote” which works on movement alone and via RF wireless, so there is no need for direct line of sight for the remote to function.

You can move the pointer by simply turning and moving your wrist. Engadget looked at the Theatre HD Player and said, set-up is a breeze and codec support is super extensive, mostly everything on our hard drive played without a hitch, including full HD 1080p 30fps video. Kodak has a wonderful box and a wonderful input mechanism on its hands, and if it’s willing to put in the work and capital to build a truly great piece of 2.0 software for it, we might have something here that’s worth the $299 asking price.