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Ten HD | Misinforming Australia

Ten HDI am currently on holiday in Australia, and channel Ten (one of Australia’s biggest free channels) are heavily promoting the fact that they will soon begin to broadcast in HD, Ten HD. Now for the problem, they are very much misinforming the public on how to receive the HD channel.

One of the biggest confusions when it comes to getting HD for the first time is you need both an HDTV and a HD signal to view HD content. In the Ten HD trailer they state that you can get HD in two ways. 1) Own a HDTV already. This is correct. or 2) Connect a HD set top box to your existing TV. This is very incorrect!

By connecting a HD set top box to your existing non-HD TV, you will simply be viewing in standard (SD) picture quality (as a standard TV can not receive and display the higher resolution HD images), and receiving the HD signal alone will not bring you any advantage.

People by default are confused with HD and how to receive and view it correctly, and with Ten HD very much misinforming people, it does not help. I can Imagen many people going out and buying a HD set top box, connecting it up, and being very disappointed.

I tried to contact Ten, but could only find a postal address. Spread the word! Don’t be fooled by Ten HD’s incorrect claims.

You can view the trailer below.