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Torrent SureConnect, Magnetic HDMI Cable

sureconnectThe HDMI cable is the best cable to use when hooking up all your HD equipment, and delivers 1080p at the highest quality. But the number one complaint about HDMI cables, are their weak connection.

The HDMI connection lacks any sort of locking method to help keep the cable in securely. So when using a long heavy HDMI cable or when maneuvering a device into a tight spot, the HDMI cable can fall out.

Torrent have released a new cable called SureConnect, which features a magnetic lock, let help keep the cable connected. The “MagLoc” connection on the Torrent SureConnect HDMI cable proves a 5x stronger connection than a standard HDMI cable.

Along with the magnetic connection, the SureConnect HDMI cables feature gold plated connections, Mylar protective shielding, AmpliFire signal boosting, and VeriFYI LED indication, which confirms optimum connection for 1min after the device is connected and every time it’s powered on.

No price or release date are currently known, hopefully it’s won’t cost the world.