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Best HDTVs for Super Bowl

Apparently the CEA are estimating that the Super Bowl will push purchases of roughly 2.4 million HDTV sets, and other surveys expect as much as 3.9 million. CEA’s “Sports & Technology” survey was conducted in conjunction with the Sports Video Group.

Everyone wants to watch the Super Bowl in the very best way that they can, and that means on a HDTV! Many people are expected to rush out and buy a HDTV for this viewing experience.

Before you go and spend your money on a new HDTV, we would like to offer you some information which might help you decide.

There are two main HD formats, 720p (1080i) and 1080p, where higher is better, but it can be typically understood that 1080p only makes and positive difference in sets over 32-inches. Also worth noting, Super Bowl XLII is only going to be broadcast in 720p. So the extra pixels from the a 1080p set won’t help all that much.

For watching sport, look for a HDTV with a fast response time, the fast the better, which will mean less motion blur, anything under 8ms-10ms should be okay. Many new HDTVs have image processing enhancements, such as Sony’s Bravia Engine, or Samsungs’s Pixel Plus (and many others) these help to enhance the image quality, colors and contrast for the best viewing.

Finally, some new HDTVs, now feature a 120Hz high frame rate technology, which adds in extra frames, between the normal frames to reduce motion blur even further, and eliminate any judder effect on image pans and fast moving action.

Over all:

  • For HDTVs over 32-37 inch, a “Full HD” 1080p set can help image quality.
  • Look for a fast response time.
  • Image enhancing engines.
  • 120Hz, can help quality.

The above are not necessary, as any HDTV will be way better than a standard TV, but if you want the best, these can help.
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