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Sony RHT-G500 HDTV Stand

Sony RHT-G500It’s not every day that we write about a TV stand, but the Sony RHT-G500 is more than a simply, standard stand. The Sony Bravia Theatre RHT-G500 is a “home theatre in a stand” and is proclaimed as the most stylish and elegant clean living solution. The “invisible home cinema” in a stand will look great under your HDTV and deliver surround sound while hiding all elements in the stand it’s self.

The Sony Bravia RHT-G500 fits into the lineup below the existing RHT-G900 stand and is designed for use with 32 – 40-inch TVs, but we are sure it will cater fine with a 42-inch model also. Making use of a 3.1-channel sound system including a subwoofer built into the stand and using S-Force PRO Front Surround technology to create a sound-field that surrounds the room without the need of rear speakers.

Sony RHT-G500

Multiple audio inputs work with TV, DVD, blu-ray, cable etc and BRAVIA Sync can control the whole system from a single remote. Three HDMI inputs and a monitor output provide a HDMI passthrough with 1080p / 24p and x.vColor support, passing through HD video from a blu-ray or media center to the HDTV.

Also featured on the Sony RHT-G500 is the digital media port which allows you to connect portable players, Wi-Fi network and bluetooth devices to enjoy your music through.