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Sony HDD DVD Recorders | HX, HDX

Sony HDX1095Sony have just announced a huge selection of eight new HHD (hard disc drive) DVD recorders for the European market. The great looking recorders make it very easy to record and time shift your favorite tv shows and play them back at your own pleasure. The large storage capacity can manage a very large media collection. As well as recording TV programmes, you can also store MP3s, CDs, camcorder recordings and digital photos.

The flagship top of the line model, the Sony RDR-HXD1090 features a huge 500GB HHD which can record a massive 1,420 hours of TV! Recording can be also backed up to DVD from the DVD burner. The RDR-HX680, HX780, HX980 and HX1080 models all come with an analog tuner to directly receive and record broadcasts, while the higher end RDR-HXD790, HXD890, HXD990 and HXD1090 models also feature a digital DVB-T for pure digital recordings.

Sony HDX1095

All of the 8 models feature a HDMI port and 1080p upscaling for the very best quality, USB 2.0 connections, X-Pict Story, Bravia Sync (HDMI CEC) and a special SD HDD Hanycam connection.

No prices as of yet, only model numbers. But expect to see them in stores around July. More details on the Sony Press post.