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Sony HD LocationFree | LF-W1HD

If you want to cut the wires between your HDTV and your HD devices, Sony’s new HD LocationFree 1080i device the Sony LT-W1HD kit could be your answer. The LocationFree Home HD equipment range and specificaly the LF-W1HD can transmit AVC/H.264 formated video between the wireless transmitter and receiver over 802.11a/b/g, but not 802.11n.
Interestingly the receiver end which connects to your HDTV has a HDMI output, but on the other end (transmitter) there is no HDMI input, so pure HDMI will not be available.

Sony LF-W1HD

The LF-W1HD LocationFree HD will hit Japan in December, and most likely the rest of the world a few months later. The Japanese price is $49,000 which is roughly $425. Inputs includes, D4, composite, analog. Output: HDMI, D4, composite, analog sound.