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Solar Powered LCD HDTV

As electricity bills continue to rise, and the world becomes more Eco-friendly aware, Sharp provides us with a solution. Large screen HDTVs are known for using a lot of electricity, especially plasmas. Most manufactures are doing their bit by cutting down on the amount of electricity the sets consume when in use, and also when in standby. But Sharp has gone one step further, but producing the “World’s first off-the-grid television”, which is powered solely by it’s own single solar panel.


Sharp demonstrated this 52-inch solar powered LED HDTV at this years CEATEC in Japan, as reported by AVing. Judging from the Japanese description, the 52-inch LCD TV seems to use the single solar panel to generate upto 220kWh of electricity which the HDTV then uses to power it’s self with no negative effects on the environment.

We have seen environmentally friendly HDTVs in the past, which cut electricity usage by using LEDs to provide the light source, but nothing quite like this. We are impressed by Sharp’s ideas, and hopefully look forward to seeing this set in production in the future.