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Samsung CX2032GW, CX2232GW

Samsung Swan CX2032GW/BW, CX2232GW/BWThese LCDs might not be HDTVs technically, but they sure do look like it. The black gloss style of the new Samsung Swan LCDs / monitors look very much like the typical design of HDTVs we are currently seeing. The 20-inch Samsung CX2032GW, and the 22-inch Samsung CX2232GW would look just at home in your living room used as a HDTV as they would on a very stylish desk situation. Of course the CX2032GW/BW and the CX2232GW/BW do not include built in tuners, but neither do some HDTVs still on the market today, but an external tuner or connection to a media center would work just as well via a HDMI to DVI adapter.

No information is available on the two swan monitors, but we are sure they will be at least 1920×1080 pixel resolution to support and display full 1080p HD. Both feature an “elastic material” hinge to the user can adjust the LCD in any director for optimal viewing.

The 20-inch CX2032GW will be $399, and the 22-inch CX2232GW $475.