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Planet Earth HD-DVD | Top Seller

You might expect the best selling and top earning HD DVD to be a big Hollywood blockbuster, but it is in fact a Documentary. One of the best documentaries every filmed, the BBC documentary “Planet Earth” which was shown on Discovery HD Theater has become to the earner in the HD DVD category.
Planet Earth: The Complete Series, is available on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats for nearly $70 (£35), and has already earnt over $3.2 million in sales since it’s release on the 24th of April 2007. Sales are estimated at 42,000 copies.
Planet Earth was narrated by the popular David Attenborough and took five whole years to create and was filmed in 62 different counties. The film tried to build on the huge success of “Blue Planet” by showing the whole world with dramatic wide angle scenes and revealing some of the lesser know creatures earth holds.
Both the HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs have received great reviews, a review of the film can be seen here.