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Pioneer To Stop Making Plasma HDTVs

Pioneer are well known as the king of Plasma HDTVs and are more often than not considered the very best. Their Kuro range has received top honorers from all around the world, but are becoming increasingly hard to find available for sale. The reason behind this is probably due to Pioneer deciding to stop manufacturing plasma panels for it’s HDTVs.

Pioneer will still continue to produce and sell plasma HDTVs, but it will source the plasma panels from other sources, probably from Panasonic. This is very big news, as Pioneer’s plasmas are the very best available with supreme black levels. We are sure this will upset a number of people.

Pioneer currently manufacture their own plasma panels for 42, 50 and 60-inch plasma HDTVs in Japan, and the Kagoshima facility could close as early as this year. Laster the Yamanashi and Shizuoka factories would specialize in assembling HDTVs (from sourced plasma panels).

Pioneer have announced a major review on their plasma business after poor sales.

So what does this mean for the very popular Kuro’s? Will they stop making and selling them all together? or put them together from sourced (non Pioneer) plasma panels.

Information from: CNBC and Yahoo News