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Pioneer Ending HDTV Production

So very bad news for the plasma HDTV market.  Everyone knows the Pioneer make the very best Plasma HDTVs, and their Kuro range is constantly rated the very best.

Japan’s Nikkei business journal is reporting that Pioneer will end it’s TV development and production completely, and it’s DVD business will be spun off in a new venture with Sharp.

Pioneer recently announced it was planing to source it’s plasma panels from Panasonic, but are facing losses of 100 billion yen ($1.1 Billion). With plans to shutdown it’s Shizuoka plant, along with U.S and Europe closings.

With the current state of the economy and high costs of Pioneer’s TV we suspect there is some truth to this report, unfortunately.

Update: Just a week after this report was published, Pioneer Official posted their exit.

Via: GearLog