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WirelessHD (WiHD)

Great news for all wireless fans, and cable haters. WirelessHD aka WiHD which was originally announced way back in 2006 is officially been complete and approved. WirelessHD 1.0 will be released later this year, run on a 60Ghz based standard and enable 4 Gbps of high-speed wireless digital interface and secure content protection. Read more

LG AP3133, LHT888

LG has partnered with Mark Levinson, and working together they have created two new home theater systems which will grace the floor at this years CES.

The LG AP3133 and the LG LHT888 systems both promise a highend audio / video experience at an, I quote, Astonishing price. Although as of yet, no prices have been announced, so will wait and see if that quote holds true. Read more

HP MediaSmart Receiver

The new HP MediaSmart Receiver is a brand new Media Center Extender, or in actual fact it is an “Extender for Windows Media Center” meaning it can do more than a normal MCE Extender, meaning that it can also play back DivX and Xvid video formats. Read more

CES 2008 HDTV Announcements

CES 2008, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, will run from January 7th-10th 2008. CES is one of the biggest, if not the biggest times for manufacturers of HDTVs such as Sony, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Pioneer, LG etc.

Top manufacturers will announce many of their new and upcoming HDTV models, new technologies and features to the world. We can expect to see their latest lineup of LCD and Plasma HDTVs, Blu-ray players and HD-DVD players. Read more

Fujitsu Amilo Xi 2550

Fujitsu have announced a brand new notebook computer based on the new Intel Penryn CPU, and features ATI’s Radeon HD2700 graphic, and a Blu-ray player, perfect for a use with an HDTV. The Fujitsu Amilo Xi 2550 / 2550-8009 features a 17-inch screen with a high 1920 × 1200 pixel resolution, which is also perfect for HD content. Read more

Sony Quits Rear-Projection HDTV Production

Sony have officially quit the real projection HDTV market, making them the latest company in the trend. Sony will stop making the rear projection sets at their three plans in February 08.

Sony will be focusing its efforts and resources on LCD and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology for the flat tv market. Read more

Samsung’s 31-inch Organic Display Screen

Samsung have announced that they have developed a 31-inch ultra thing organic (OLED) screen. This is great news to hear, as they are pushing the technology further, which we will hopefully soon see in modern HDTVs. Read more

Sony Bravia PS3 Promotion

Sony Australia have just announced a great promotion on their 1080p (Full HD) HDTVs. If you so happen to live in Australia and are tempted to buy a Sony Bravia, now is the time. With any 1080p set they will throw in a $699 40Gb PS3 system, perfect for HD gaming and HD Blu-ray movies. Read more


LED backlit LCD HDTVs are starting to appear on the market, also known simply as LED LCD HDTVs. They offer many advantages over standard backlit screens. Read more

Christmas HDTV Deals

Christmas is almost here and peak HDTV sales are already going strong. To avoid the Christmas rush at the high street stores, and save some money I would highly recommend looking and shopping online. Read more

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