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Sky HD adding Three New HD Channels

Great news for myself and the other 400,000 Sky HD subscribers in the UK, with Sky adding three new HD channels to it’s line up, brining the number of total HD channels to 17, and access to 6,500 hours of HD programming. Read more

BBC Six Nations Rugby Match In 3D

3D HDTV might be closer than we think, with the BBC broadcasting a Six Nations Rugby Match in 3D. The 3D rugby action will broadcast a test screen of the six nations match between Scotland and England on March 8th live in 3D HD to a select audience. This will be a joint venture between BBC Sport and the 3DFirm. Read more

HD Sports

If you love HD and you’re a sports fan, then there’s probably not much better than watching your favorite sports in HD. A HD sports event is the second closest you can get to the game, as long as you know when it’s on. Read more

UK Launch of Sharp Aquos X Series

Great news for the people of UK, and we guess, most of Europe.  Sharp have announced that their recent Aquos X Series will hit UK stores in September this year.  The sharp Aquos X Series was only just announced for Japan last month at the CES show.  These ultra thin LCD HDTVs are certainly thin at just 34mm at their very thickest point. Read more

Best HDTVs for Super Bowl

Apparently the CEA are estimating that the Super Bowl will push purchases of roughly 2.4 million HDTV sets, and other surveys expect as much as 3.9 million. CEA’s “Sports & Technology” survey was conducted in conjunction with the Sports Video Group.

Everyone wants to watch the Super Bowl in the very best way that they can, and that means on a HDTV! Many people are expected to rush out and buy a HDTV for this viewing experience. Read more

Sharp Aquos E Series | LC-52EX5, LC-46EX5, LC-42EX5, LC-37EX5

Aquos E SeriesSharp are currently rolling out three new LCD HDTV announcements for models set for release shortly in Japan. We hope to these these around the world very soon after that. Sharp just announced the Aquos X Series, and take the title for the world thinnest LCD HDTV. This time around, the Sharp Aquos E Series brings four new models to the market. Read more

Duo HD Player

If you’re wondering what “Duo HD” is, or what a “Duo HD Player” does, quite simply it is a single unit player, much like a traditional DVD player, which can play back both HD disc formats (HD DVD and Blu-ray). Read more

Slingbox Pro HD

Slingbox Pro HDSling Media have unvailed their new Slingbox Pro HD product early this year, just ahead of CES. The new Pro HD box should be exciting for HD users as this version has built in HD inputs and can this time stream the content in true HD at 1080i, rather than the older Solo and Pro versions which can only stream at a max resolution of that around VGA. Read more

Best HDTVs of 2007

2007 has been an amazing year for HDTVs, both gaining huge public interest and evolving at a very fast pace. In the last six months alone we have seen a number of advances in HDTV technology to bring you an even better home theater experience. Read more

Belkin FlyWire | AV69003, AV69000

Belkin FlyWireAmimon as partnered up with Belkin in the wireless HD department and have announced the Belkin FlyWire wireless HD device. The FlyWire uses Amimon’s wireless HD interface known as WHDI, which is fully HDCP certified. Read more

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