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Monster Wireless Digital Express HD

Monster Wireless Digital Express HDMonster is making the whole wireless HD or wireless HDMI a lot more real with the newly announced Monster Wireless Digital Express HD wireless HDMI cable replacement kit. Monster, who are mostly known for the high quality but overprices cables have teamed up with Sigma Designs to produce this wireless HD device which uses a HDAV UVB system to wirelessly transmit audio and video in full 1080p HD. Read more

Sony HDD DVD Recorders | HX, HDX

Sony HDX1095Sony have just announced a huge selection of eight new HHD (hard disc drive) DVD recorders for the European market. The great looking recorders make it very easy to record and time shift your favorite tv shows and play them back at your own pleasure. The large storage capacity can manage a very large media collection. As well as recording TV programmes, you can also store MP3s, CDs, camcorder recordings and digital photos. Read more

FreeSat HD

Great news for people in the UK as more details have been discovered about the new FreeSat and FreeSat HD service. Currently the only way to get HD in the UK is via Sky HD (Review), which comes with monthly subscription charges. With FreeSat you will be able to get over 80 channels, and HD channels for free, with no monthly subscription charges. Read more

MediaGate MG-450HD

After creating a buzz at this years CES, the MediaGate MG-450HD wireless media server has now been official released to the eager public. The MG-450HD is a highend HD media server / streamer designed to be an essential component of your digital lifestyle. With wired and wireless home entertainment options you can bring video, music and photos directly to your HDTV from your computer in HD. Read more

Buffalo LT-H90LAN HD Streamer

buffalo_lt-h90lan.jpgBuffalo have announced release of their LinkTheater HD media streamers to the rest of the world (not just Japan now), to let us stream a little HD around the place. The Buffalo LT-H90LAN HD media streamer is the wired version of the LT-H90WN (which has yet to be released), uses an Ethernet connection to stream media from a number of different devices. Read more

Sky HD Reviewed Complete

I have had Sky HD for a few weeks now, and have been testing it out on my 40-inch Sony KDL40W3000, and have completed a detailed review of Sky HD. I give an overview of the Sky HD Box along with optimal setup instructions and photos of the HD quality along with comparisons to a standard definition signal. Read more

Only 5% of European HDTV owners Have HD Channels

Most HDTV buyers know that to receive HD / HDTV channels you need to be able to receive HD programming. Simply owning an HDTV will not enable you to watch HD channels / programming, you can buy a blu-ray player or HD DVD player to watch HD content from discs, but it you want HDTV channels you need to be able to receive them, and apparently only 5% of European HDTV owners receive HD programming. Read more

Mvix MX-780HD

Mvix have released their new and improved HD media streamer / media center with the Mvix MX-780HD media center. The new Mx-780HD is much more suited to HD media and HDTV with the inclusion of a HDMI output (1080p) and also a SATA port for connecting up hard drive space. Read more

Pioneer To Stop Making Plasma HDTVs

Pioneer are well known as the king of Plasma HDTVs and are more often than not considered the very best. Their Kuro range has received top honorers from all around the world, but are becoming increasingly hard to find available for sale. The reason behind this is probably due to Pioneer deciding to stop manufacturing plasma panels for it’s HDTVs. Read more

Sony Quits CRT Bussiness

Only a few short months ago Sony announced that they were going to stop manufacturing RPTV sets (rear projection) to concentrate on the other display forms. And now, at the end of this month, Sony will end production of it’s CRT Trinitron sets. Read more

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