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Acer AspireRevo Nettop

acer aspirerevoAs well as having a big interest in HDTV, I also have a very big interest in Netbooks and Nettop, and run a website about netbook reviews called as you might expect, Netbook Reviews.

So naturally, when I see a device that comes along and fits into both of these categories, I am very interested. Read more

ViewSonic VG2427

Just a few days ago we wrote about the small, 22-inch ViewSonic VT2230 LCD HDTV. ViewSonic have now announced the 24-inch VG2427 LCD, which looks very similar to the VT2230, minus the HDTV tuner. Read more

ViewSonic VT2230

The ViewSonic VT2230 is a small 22-inch HDTV / computer monitor, which would be ideal for use in a bedroom or second room. The VT2230 features an integrated ATSC / NTSC / QAM tuner and multiple connectivity options for use with a computer or games console. Read more

Blu-Ray Sale

If you own an HDTV you will known that there is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing, with the great quality of a blu-ray movie to get the best from your HDTV. Read more

90,000 Sky+ HD boxes To Be Replaced

Sky are going to replace 90,000 Sky+ HD boxes after a cabling fault had been discovered.

The fault was discovered by one of the Sky+ HD box manufacturers, Pace. This fault will affect about one in ten HD customers, resulting in 90,000 boxes which need replacing. Read more

Pioneer Ending HDTV Production

So very bad news for the plasma HDTV market.  Everyone knows the Pioneer make the very best Plasma HDTVs, and their Kuro range is constantly rated the very best.

Japan’s Nikkei business journal is reporting that Pioneer will end it’s TV development and production completely, and it’s DVD business will be spun off in a new venture with Sharp. Read more

Sky HD Now Only £49

Sky have slashed the cost of their Sky+ HD box to just £49, saving £150 off the previous price. Hoping to get more people watching HD content, the HD box is now a bargain at less than fifty quid, a massive saving over it’s original price of £249. Read more

Kodak Theatre HD Player Reviewed

The Kodak Theatre HD Player is a slim sleek unit which hopes to find it’s way under your HDTV. As more and more media finds it’s way on to your PC and the Internet, while you don’t necessarily want to be tethered to your PC, the Theatre HD Player hopes to bring this content directly to your TV. Read more

Pioneer DV-420

Not only have Pioneer been busy with their new blu-ray players for 2009, they have also released a new upconverting DVD player, with a twist. The Pioneer DV-420 upconverting DVD player allows you to rip audio CD tracks into MP3 files and then store them onto a connected USB storage device, or even directly onto your connected mp3 player. Read more

Plasma TVs Will Not Be Banned

Pioneer have responded with a statement from the European electronics industry (EICTA), saying that the recent press reports claiming that Plasma TVs may soon be banned from the market for energy efficiency reasons are factually incorrect. Read more

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