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Asus HDP-R1 | HD Media Streamer

The Asus HDP-R1 HD media streamer was announced way back in June and caught our attention, but since then we have heard very little about the device.

The Asus O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player has now finally gone on sale for a very reasonable $99.99 price. Read more

Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500

Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500The Fujitsu Esprimo Q1500 is a very interesting and very small little computer. At first I wasn’t sure whether to write about it on my netbook reviews website, as I also cover nettops or to cover the news here, due to it’s great HTPC potential and that fact that it’s much more than a standard nettop.

The Fujitsu Q1500 mini PC might looks like a typical under powered nettops, but the Q1500 is in fact a very powerful PC crammed into a very small space. Read more

Dell Zino HD

Dell Zino HDWe first wrote about the Dell Zino HD when very little was known about the tiny computer.  Since then the Dell Inspiron Zino HD has gone from official announcement, to availability, and as such, this post has been updated with the latest information.

Dell said that the Zino HD will feature “desktop component” rather than typical low power components found in a nettop. They have stuck to their word and are offering it with a number of configurations. Read more

Sky HD To Launch 3D TV Channel

BSkyB will become the first broadcaster in Europe to launch a 3D channel.

3D has recently exploded with many film studios now recording their movies in 3D, along with many 3D animated movies. Read more

Asus 22T1E, 24T1E, 27T1E | T1 Series

Asus 22T1EWe’re more used to seeing Asus in the netbook market than the HDTV market, but Asus have announced three new HDTVs in their HDTV Monitor T1 series.

The Asus TV Monitor T1 series models are coving both the HDTV area, and the computer monitor area. They claim the Asus T1 series combines the best in desktop monitors and LCD HDTV technology, to bring HDTV broadcasts, Blu-ray playback, and work experience in one. Read more

46-Inch Sony KDL-46V4100 – $600 Off

I received an email just a few minuets alerting me to a great offer on the 46-inch Sony Bravia KDL-46V4100 HDTV through Dell.

For just six days, or 1000 units, whichever comes first, Dell are offering a massive $600 off the Sony KDL-46V4100 LCD HDTV, bringing the price down to just $899.00! from $1,499.00. Read more

Popcorn Hour C-200 Reviewed

popcornhour c-200The Popcorn Hour C-200 media streamer has been announced, and replaces the very popular Popcorn Hour A-110.

The new Popcorn Hour C-200 streams digital content from the Internet, internal hard drive, or network to your HDTV, and supports for that 30 audio and video file types, including H.264, Xvid, MKV, AVI, MPEG 1,2,3,4 Windows Media and many more. Read more

Get Sky HD For Free

If you’re in the UK and have yet to sign up to the best HD service, Sky HD you have eight days left to get the best deal Sky have yet to offer.

When Sky HD was first released it would cost you £250, for the next eight days you get can it for free! Read more

BBC iPlayer Now In HD

The UK’s very popular BBC iPlayer has started to offer HD video streams and downloads of many of their new programmes.

As many people in the UK do not have Sky HD / FreeSat HD, or general access to HD content, it will be the first time it’s available to them. Read more

Torrent SureConnect, Magnetic HDMI Cable

sureconnectThe HDMI cable is the best cable to use when hooking up all your HD equipment, and delivers 1080p at the highest quality. But the number one complaint about HDMI cables, are their weak connection.

The HDMI connection lacks any sort of locking method to help keep the cable in securely. Read more

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