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Fujitsu Plasmavision P55XHA51WSb, P63XHA51WSb

Plasmavision P63XHA51WSbFujitsu have added two new plasmas to their Plasmavision line up, the 50-inch P55XHA51WSb, and the 63-inch P63XHA51WSb, good luck remembering those model numbers! Both are available in either silver or the more modern black gloss finish and feature a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution with advanced image processing which boost the image quality by looking ahead at the next frames to improve smooth moving images and low image noise.
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Haier L47A18

Haier L47A18Little known Chinese HDTV manufacturer Haier have produced the L47A18-AK. The Haier L47A18 is a full HD 1080p 47-inch set with twin HDMI inputs, two USB ports, and a card reader than to play back MP3, JPG, DivX and other formats. The L47A18 also has detaciable speakers and a printer connection, so you can view you digital photos on the screen, Read more

Cheaper HD Cables: XtremeHD HDMI Cables

XtremeHD HDMIAfter you have just forked out a few thousands of dollars on your great looking HDTV, you of course want your TV image to look just as good, and for that you need HD cables. If you buy your HD cables, HDMI / Component / DVI-HDMI from the same store you bought your HDTV, do not be surprised if you are looking to pay well over $100 for such a cable.
Rather than pay through the roof for these cables, look around at some other stores or online. One such cable manufacture called “XtremeHD” sells the very same cables for a much lower price of just $19.50, and has received great reviews.

Take the most common and recommended way of connecting HD, the HDMI cable, which delivers both HD video and sound in one cable, XtremeHD’s HDMI to HDMI cable ticks all the feature boxes as the crazily over price big name cables do, such as HDMI 1.3 and 1080p support, pure copper conductors and 24K gold connectors and Read more

Wall Mount / Hang Your HDTV (LCD, Plasma): How To Guide

As we all know a wall mounted or hanging HDTV, (plasma or LCD) looks great on the wall, much better than standing it on a display unit or table.

For this job you will need yourself a few tools: a tape measure, a drywall saw, power drill, and a stud finder. (Helps you to locate the wooden framing in the walls to screw into. You will have to ensure that you screw into these studs otherwise your HDTV might not be secure enough and fall to the floor.

This is more than a single man job, so I would recommend a friend helping out as these things can get quiet heavy, oh and also maybe you should checkout your homeowners insurance.

First you should select your mount. With some HDTV models, the manufacturer will offer a specific mount for your set, at extra price of course, I would recommend this as the first choice. If one is not available, search around for another. Plan on spending at least $200-250 for the mount, and not go too cheap, remember it’s holding up a very expensive object! You can get some that old tilt, this can help reduce glare and offer a better viewing angle.
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Difference Between 1080i and 1080p

Many of you might be asking what is the difference between 1080i and 1080p?, and is there a quality difference?

1080 refers to the number of lines per frame that your HDTV displays, 1080i shows 1080 lines interlaced, where 1080p shows 1080 lines progressive. With progressive each and every line is drawn and shown fully, where as interlaced, or interlaced scanning is where the odd-number scan lines are drawn in its first pass; then it starts over from the top of the screen to complete the image by scanning the even-number lines.

Theoretically progressive offers twice the resolution as both lines are show at once to show the “full hd” over the interlaced that only shows one half at a time. There has been much debate whether the progressive 1080p format does in fact look better to the human eye or not. In general most people say there is no visible difference, and the 1080p format is just a marketing hype.

Also you should note that most cable, and satellite services only broadcast in the 1080i format and only some Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs will have the 1080p format.

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