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Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick

Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick USBPinnacle have released the Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick, USB stick for receiving HD content on your PC for under $100. Pinnacle have had the PCTV HD Pro Stick available for some time now, but now with the cheaper USB Stick for $99 this has got to be one of the cheapest ways to receive OTA HD content on your PC. Read more

Planet Earth HD-DVD | Top Seller

You might expect the best selling and top earning HD DVD to be a big Hollywood blockbuster, but it is in fact a Documentary. One of the best documentaries every filmed, the BBC documentary “Planet Earth” which was shown on Discovery HD Theater has become to the earner in the HD DVD category.
Planet Earth: The Complete Series, is available on both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats for nearly $70 (£35), and has already earnt over $3.2 million in sales since it’s release on the 24th of April 2007. Sales are estimated at 42,000 copies. Read more

AUO T645HW01 | 65-inch 120Hz 1080p HDTV

AUO T645HW01AUO have pulled out the big guns with the AUO T645HW01 65-inch 120Hz 1080p LCD HDTV, making it as the first from Taiwan. AU Optotronics will be showing it offer next week at Display Taiwan 2007 next week. The 120Hz technology featured has already been seen in Sharps recent Aquos lines, as well as 100Hz tech from other manufactures. Read more

Alienware Hangar 18

Alienware Hangar 18Alienware have released the Hangar 18 HD Home theater / entertainment center, which is a very powerful piece of equipment. The Hangar 18 is a new AMD LIVE! Home Cinema PC which run Windows Vista Home Premium with all the Media Center features we know and love. The low en model will get you can $1,999 for 250GB storage and 720p HD video output via HDMI powered by AMD Athlon X2 4200+. Higher specifications can be features such as the $3,899 model which has a whooping 2TB of DVR storage, and 1080p “Full HD” output, a faster 4600+ and 4GB RAM. Read more

Toshiba SD-L912A HD-DVD-RW For Laptops

SD-L912AIf you are a Toshiba Qosmio fan, or a laptop fan in general, you will probably be very happy to learn of the Toshiba SD-L912A HD DVD-RW writer for laptops. The ultra slim SD-L912A is the first HD-DVD-RW drive available for laptops. It has a 1x read and write speed, so it will take nearly 2 hours to fill a 30GB dual layer disc, but then again, you will be able to burn your own HD-DVDs from your laptop. Read more

Sony’s BDP-S300 Price Drop

If your in the market for a Blu-ray player this will be some news you will like to hear. Sony has announced a price drop on their BDP-S300 Bu-Ray player. Cutting $100 from it’s original price of $599, the BDP-S300 is now cheaper than the Playstation 3, and now makes it the cheapest Blu-Ray player on the market.
Read more

TiVo Series 3 Lite

Many of us know that TiVo Series 3 costs a lot of money, too much money for a lot of people. Well TiVo guys have finally realized this, and are planning on releasing a cheaper version of the Series 3, called the “Series 3 Lite“. TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said, “we did not have a lower-priced mass appeal HD offering. Read more

‘Lost’ To Make HD Debut On Blu-ray

One of the biggest TV shows is making its HD debut release on Blu-ray this December with ‘Lost: The Complete Third Season’. Disney have yet to release any official information as of yet so there are not technical details available. We do know that the Blu-Ray collection will contain extensive bonus features including a documentary chronicling a day in recording lost, Read more

Sony PS3 1080p Upscaling

Big news for PlayStation 3 and HDTV fans, Sony’s recently PS3 firmware (1.8) ups the systems ability’s to enable it to upscaling PlayStation / PlayStation 2 games and DVD movies upto full 1080p when viewed on a compatible HDTV set via HDMI. Anyone with a PlaySation 3 and a HDTV will be very pleased to know this news and get the most out of their old games and DVDs. Read more

FiOS 2

Verizon have recently announced that they may be upping the price from $12.99/month to $15.99, but they look like they are going to be giving their customers a little extra with the FiOS 2 also known as FiOS Interactive Media Guide. It will be launching in Fort Wayne, Indian and further roll outs nationwide via software upgrades over the summer on existing hardware. Read more

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