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Total HD Delayed: 2008

During CES of 2007 Warner announced Total HD, a disc that holds both HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats. Today, Warner has had to admit that Total HD discs won’t be available this year, contrary to what was announced at CES. No new release date has been given, but we hear they are aiming for early 2008. Read more


th-l1.jpgIf you own or plan on owning a HDTV, you will probably want great sound to finish off the experience. The JVC TH-L1 is HD ready by supporting HDMI and component switching. The JVC TH-L1 is a HTIB (home theater in a box) setup which makes it a lot easier for people who have just bought an HDTV and want to enjoy true 5.1 digital surround audio. The TH-L1 HTIB features two HDMI inputs and an HDMI output, and component switching along with an iPod interface. Read more

Gefen Wireless HDMI Extender (EXT-WHDMI)

gefen-ext-whdmi-front.jpgGefen have released the first wireless HDMI extender for cable free HD extension up to 60 feet with no loss of signal quality. Wireless HDMI or wireless HD in general has been a highly anticipated addition to the HD world, allowing you to have your audio / video equipment further away from your HDTV with no messy wires between them. Read more

AT&T HD Homezone

HD HomezoneGreat news for all current and soon to be AT&T Homezone customers. As all customers can soon look forward to enjoying HD from the service. HD Homezone, as it could be called now have access to more than 30 national HD channels along with addition HD locals in each market. Read more

HDTV Firmware

You may or may not be aware that a lot of modern HDTVs have firmware, which can be updated allowing the set to be upgraded to the very latest version. Many HDTVs have a small USB port which can be used to apply the firmware update (via USB memory stick) as well as form playing back photos and other media. Read more

Sharp’s Cutting Aquos Prices

If there is anything you will be interested in when buying a HDTV, it will be a great deal or cheap HDTVs. There is greats news about Sharp’s Aquos line offering 1080p, according to Twice the minimum advertised pricing (MAP) allowed on certain models from the D62 line has been removed completely, and dropping prices on many of it’s other lines, including D92U, D82U and D72U LCDS. Read more

Blockbuster chooses Blu-ray Format

Bad news for HD-DVD devotees, player owners and Toshiba, Universal and others, rental giant Blockbuster has chosen Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Blockbuster have decided to stock only Blu-ray discs in the majority of it’s nationwide stores. They will still offer HD DVD titles online and in 250 of their stores that they have been testing both formats. Read more

7 in 10 People Own or Want Flat Screen HDTV

Hitachi have found that seven in ten people in America either currently own or want a flat screen HDTV. Apparently they have found that 19% of Americans currently own a flat screen set, and a huge 52% are actively interested in purchasing one. If these figures stay true, flat screen sales should stay high for the next few years at least. Read more

Hitachi GGW-H20N

The Hitachi GGW-H20N is an internal Blu-ray burner / HD DVD reader combo drive, putting a little ease to the HD format war. The GGW-H20N should be able to play back both HD formats with no problems for your HD movie watching pleasure, and also able to burn Read more

Okoro BX100 and BX300 HTPC

Okoro Media systems have come with Blu-ray drives for a while now, but picking up on the still on going HD war they have released their Okoro BX series of HTPCs with both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray support. The BX series consist of two systems, firstly the Okoro BX100 which has a slim 4.13-inch tall enclosure, is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 CPU, GB of DDR2 RAM, an optional 7-inch touchscreen, Windows Vista Ultimate OS, 500GB of storage space, NVIDIA 256mb 8500 GT graphics and three TV tuners. Read more

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