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1080p Component Video

1080p componentOften I hear the question “do component video cables support 1080p?“, 1080p aka Full HD. The short answer is yes, component cables can support 720p / 1080i and 1080p HD signals as long as the display your connecting to do. Although interestingly enough, officially the component video standard, which is five years old (CEA specification, CEA-770.3-rev C) does not support 1080p, and only 720p / 1080i. Read more

IOGEAR GHDMIAS4 Automatic HDMI switch

IOGEAR GHDMIAS4For those of you with only one or two HDMI ports on your beloved HDTV, and a growing collection of HDMI devices, will probably be interested in a 4 port HDMI switch at some point, allowing you to connect more HDMI devices. Read more

BenQ SH4241

It have been a while since we have seen any new LCDs from BenQ, but their new BenQ SH4241 seems to be an impressive set that we very much look forward to seeing later this year. Read more

Epson Ensemble Home Cinema System

Epson Ensemble Home Cinema SystemIf you would like some big screen action, home cinema style, the Epson Ensemble Home Cinema System should be looking every attractive to you. Epson claim that their Ensemble package includes everything you need to turn part of your home in to a theater you will be very proud of. Read more

Samsung CX2032GW, CX2232GW

Samsung Swan CX2032GW/BW, CX2232GW/BWThese LCDs might not be HDTVs technically, but they sure do look like it. The black gloss style of the new Samsung Swan LCDs / monitors look very much like the typical design of HDTVs we are currently seeing. The 20-inch Samsung CX2032GW, and the 22-inch Samsung CX2232GW would look just at home in your living room used as a HDTV as they would on a very stylish desk situation. Read more

ATI TV Wonder 600 USB, 650 PCIe HD Tuners

AMD / ATI have announced two new TV Wonder HD tuner products , the TV Wonder 600 USB and the TV Wonder 650 Combo PCIe. Both of the new tuners come with Catalyst Media Center software and are fully compatible with Windows Vista Media Center and Windows XP Media Center. We should expect to see both products in September. Read more


There is a new technology on the way that we should see available in HDTV and other screens, along with Laser HDTV, called OLED. OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) displays as a brand new technology with several clear advantages over current LCD and plasma displays. Firstly OLED displays are much more energy efficient (as much as 40% more efficient) than LCDs, also they are even thinner than LCD TVs as there is no backlight required. Read more

HD DVD Firmware | Enables Web Features

Thankfully modern hardare can be upgraded, and as both blu-ray and HD-DVD players are still very much a work in progress new features can be added and fixed. Much like upgrading HDTV firmware, the same can be done with HD players, and the latest firmware update for Toshiba’s second-generation HD-DVD players will keep HD-DVD’s interactive content one step ahead of Blu-ray. Read more

Live Earth HD

I’m sure many of you are looking forward to Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis. The 24 hour long massive concert is scheduled for July 7th around the world in eight different countries. Great news for music and HD fans, Intelsat have sponsored Live Earth, making Live Earth HD the biggest ever HDTV undertaking, Read more

Flat HDMI Cables

flat-hdmi-cable.jpgIf you own an HDTV I’m sure you will be wanting to pump in some HD signals to it, no doubt via HDMI. You might want to use some great but cheap HDMI cables or maybe something a little different, such as these flat HDMI cables for your perfect HDTV installation.

Unlike normal round HDMI cables these cables are flat, very flat at just 3mm, enabling you to get your perfect HD setup with less wire troubles. Read more

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