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LG BH100 Reviewed

LG BH100The LG BH100 HD Duo HD player enters the market against a small selection of other players which play both HD DVD discs, and Blu-ray discs. The very annoying HD disc format war seems no closer to an end, and if your wanting to build your HD collection, but not sure whether to go for HD DVD or Blu-ray, the LG BH100 enables you to buy both disc formats and play them back in the same device.

Up against the recently released Samsung BD-UP5000 (Review), the BH100 looks great and plays back all HD discs with amazing quality, and can also upconvert your old DVDs to a higher resolution for better quality. There is a HDMI 1.2 output, along with component, digital audio and .1-channel audio line outputs, plus an Ethernet connection.

The LG BH100 can output full 1080p HD for both formats and also includes support for 1080p/24Hz (24 frames per second) at the original filming rate for highest quality. TrustedReviews looked at the LG BH100 and say, during playback of HD DVD and Blu-ray titles alike, we were consistently struck by the extreme sharpness of pictures, the richness and naturalness of their colour palettes, and the depth of black level on show. All these things show HD off admirably, and immediately conspire to make going back to standard definition DVDs.