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LED backlit LCD HDTVs are starting to appear on the market, also known simply as LED LCD HDTVs. They offer many advantages over standard backlit screens.

When LCD TVs first came out they had a simple constant CCFL backlight to illuminate the image on the screen, the problem with this was that the light from the lamp was too bright to display decent black images. A dynamic CCFL lamp varies the brightness of the lamp to improve black levels and contrast ratios.

LED backlighting goes a step further, and has several advantages over standard CCFL lamps. Firstly, the LED backlight is made up from a grid system of individual LEDs, this provides control of the light over different sections of the screen, allowing the brightness or to be dimmed or turned off completely behind a dark section of an image. This allows for even higher contrast ratios and better black levels. Secondly, the LEDs use a lot less power, making LED backlit LCDs even more energy efficient.

Below is a list of HDTVs which feature LED backlights.