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IOGEAR GHDMIAS4 Automatic HDMI switch

IOGEAR GHDMIAS4For those of you with only one or two HDMI ports on your beloved HDTV, and a growing collection of HDMI devices, will probably be interested in a 4 port HDMI switch at some point, allowing you to connect more HDMI devices. The IOGEAR GHDMIAS4 is a new four port automatic HDMI switch, which automatically senses and changes to the correct source when the device is turned on, or you can use the included remote. The IOGEAR GHDMIAS4 HDMI switch fully support upto 1080p and HDMI 1.3, and is also HDCP-compliant.

The switch is shipping now for $190 including a free 6ft HDMI cable.