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HP MediaSmart Receiver

The new HP MediaSmart Receiver is a brand new Media Center Extender, or in actual fact it is an “Extender for Windows Media Center” meaning it can do more than a normal MCE Extender, meaning that it can also play back DivX and Xvid video formats.

HP MediaSmart ReceiverThe HP MediaSmart Receiver can also play back H.264, AAC, MPEG-2 formats and is fully HD compatible, and features both component and HDMI outputs with HDCP support. The MediaSmart Receiver has a Pocket Media Drive bay and built in 802.11a/b/g/n wireless for streaming media via DLNA / UPnP servers, or even via the drive or USB ports or HP’s own media interface.

All in all this looks like a great MCE extender with HD support, HDMI outs, hard drive and USB. No word of pricing just yet, but we expect a release around spring time.