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HD Netflix Streaming: Xbox 360 First

Netflix streaming is currently available on a few devices such as the Roku, LG BD300 blu-ray player, and more recently on Samsung’s P2500 / P2550 Blu-ray players. But none of these currently offer HD netflix streaming, not even the official netflix “watch instantly” portal.

The very first device to offer Netflix HD streaming is the Xbox 360! There will be an updated dash on the 19th of November, which will bring HD Netflix streaming goodness to Xbox Live Gold members.

netflix hd

The “soft launch” will start with about 300 titles available, but the exact content is currently unknown. It’s great too see some true movement in the area of HD streaming, a few questions still remain though. Just how good will the “HD” quality be (we assume 720p, compression?), how fast does your Internet need to be, and will when the HD streaming from netflix be added to the other already netflix streaming compatible devices be added? News tip Via Engadget.