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FreeSat HD

Great news for people in the UK as more details have been discovered about the new FreeSat and FreeSat HD service. Currently the only way to get HD in the UK is via Sky HD (Review), which comes with monthly subscription charges. With FreeSat you will be able to get over 80 channels, and HD channels for free, with no monthly subscription charges.

Many people have trouble receiving all the channels via digital TV (Freeview), but with FreeSat, 98% of the UK will be able to recivie all the channels. Sources say that the FreeSat service will go live on the 25th of April 08, and installation of the satellite equipment and set top box will cost about £80, with both SD and HD set top boxes avaliable for around £40 to £100 depending on the specifications, such as HDD size for recording.

The main advantage of FreeSat over Sky is the fee’s, or lack of them. There is only a one off free, and thats it. Many people in the UK have HDTVs, but no HD signal, so HD via FreeSat sounds like a great idea.

For more information on FreeSat HD, visit FreeSat.co.uk