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Flat HDMI Cables

flat-hdmi-cable.jpgIf you own an HDTV I’m sure you will be wanting to pump in some HD signals to it, no doubt via HDMI. You might want to use some great but cheap HDMI cables or maybe something a little different, such as these flat HDMI cables for your perfect HDTV installation.

Unlike normal round HDMI cables these cables are flat, very flat at just 3mm, enabling you to get your perfect HD setup with less wire troubles. The flat HDMI cable can be more easily concealed behind curtains, under carpets and even routed under source HD hardware with low profile feet.

he cables are fully 1080p HD 1.3 HDMI compliant for all your HD needs and feature Oxygen free copper with individually shielded key conductor with gold plated HDMI terminals and FPE signal insulation.

These flat HDMI cables are available in 2m, 3m and 5 meter lengths and should set you back around £39 or $79.

Check out either Techlink (uk) or Wireworld Cable for more information.