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Gefen Wireless HDMI Extender (EXT-WHDMI)

gefen-ext-whdmi-front.jpgGefen have released the first wireless HDMI extender for cable free HD extension up to 60 feet with no loss of signal quality. Wireless HDMI or wireless HD in general has been a highly anticipated addition to the HD world, allowing you to have your audio / video equipment further away from your HDTV with no messy wires between them. The Gefen Wireless HDMI Extender supports up to HDMI 1.2a with 720p and 108oi formats (sorry, no 1080p yet) with full digital and analog audio support for all HDMI sources. Sources are capable of transmitting though walls for multiple room installations at speeds of up to 480Mbps. The EXT-WHDMI as we believe it is known, is fully compliant with HDMI/HDCP.