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Only 5% of European HDTV owners Have HD Channels

Most HDTV buyers know that to receive HD / HDTV channels you need to be able to receive HD programming. Simply owning an HDTV will not enable you to watch HD channels / programming, you can buy a blu-ray player or HD DVD player to watch HD content from discs, but it you want HDTV channels you need to be able to receive them, and apparently only 5% of European HDTV owners receive HD programming.

Just last month ProSieben HD and Sat.1 HD in Germany were shut down untill 2010 due to lack of interest in the HD service. Over here in England the only real way to get HD programming / channels is via Sky HD.

Sky HD box will cost you a one off cost of £199, and £10 a month for the HD programming plus the normal subscription charges. I have recently got Sky HD and am very impressed with the 1080i broadcasting quality.

The same report also suggests that 20% of European homes will have and be watching HD programming by 2012. If you own a HDTV and want to get real HD channels, I suggest you sign up to Sky HD.