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Epson Ensemble Home Cinema System

Epson Ensemble Home Cinema SystemIf you would like some big screen action, home cinema style, the Epson Ensemble Home Cinema System should be looking every attractive to you. Epson claim that their Ensemble package includes everything you need to turn part of your home in to a theater you will be very proud of. Included in a 100-inch motorized screen, a 5.1 Atlantic Technology surround sound system, a choice of either 1080p or 720p Epson projector, ten-inch subwoofer with built in amp, A/V controller with twin HDMI inputs and an upconverting DVD player along with a pre-programmed universal remote.
All cables and fittings are included with the Epson Ensemble system and the entire installing can be completed in just four hours.
The 720p projector system will cost you $4,999 and the 1080p system $6,999.  Product should ship November 1st 2007.