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Duo HD Player

If you’re wondering what “Duo HD” is, or what a “Duo HD Player” does, quite simply it is a single unit player, much like a traditional DVD player, which can play back both HD disc formats (HD DVD and Blu-ray).

Samsung have been on of the first companies to jump on the dual format HD disc player idea, and are using the term “Duo HD” to describe their players. I believe dual format players are a great idea, as some films are only being released on HD DVD, while others only on Blu-ray, and if you don’t want to be restricted to just one format, and a selection of film, a one unit player which can play both HD formats, as well as your existing DVD collection is very useful.

The first duo HD player from Samsung is the very popular BD-UP5000 (which supports both formats, 24p, 1080p, HDMI 1.3), and is currently avaliable. The second player is the new Samsung BD-UP5500 which will retail for $599 in the second half of 2008.