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Cheaper HD Cables: XtremeHD HDMI Cables

XtremeHD HDMIAfter you have just forked out a few thousands of dollars on your great looking HDTV, you of course want your TV image to look just as good, and for that you need HD cables. If you buy your HD cables, HDMI / Component / DVI-HDMI from the same store you bought your HDTV, do not be surprised if you are looking to pay well over $100 for such a cable.
Rather than pay through the roof for these cables, look around at some other stores or online. One such cable manufacture called “XtremeHD” sells the very same cables for a much lower price of just $19.50, and has received great reviews.

Take the most common and recommended way of connecting HD, the HDMI cable, which delivers both HD video and sound in one cable, XtremeHD’s HDMI to HDMI cable ticks all the feature boxes as the crazily over price big name cables do, such as HDMI 1.3 and 1080p support, pure copper conductors and 24K gold connectors and more along with a lifetime warranty. XtremeHD cables are very hard, if not imposable to beat, and offer a great quality to price ratio.

Also on a side note, if you are looking for a great HDMI switcher to enable you to connect upto 4 HDMI devices to a single HDMI input on your HDTV you should check out the XtremeHD HDMI Switcher. The switcher comes with a remote control so you can select which HDMI device you with to use, supports all HDMI resolutions including 1080p, offers full HDCP support and has a great look and is stackable with Apple TV. Again, just like the HDMI cables the XtremeHD HDMI Switcher offers great features and a great price of just $99.95.

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