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CES 2009 HDTV Announcements

The most exciting time in the HDTV / home theater industry each year is the start of the year, at CES. Now just a few short days away, from Thursday 7th January 2009 to the 11th, CES 2009, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show will run.

During CES 2009 all the major electronics companies such as Sony, Samsung, Philips, Pioneer etc will announce all their new HDTVs for the 2009 year. I can’t wait to see all the new models, and see all of the new improvements they have made.

As usual all the companies will be trying to out do each other. I predict, much like last year, everyone will be fighting for the world’s slimmest HDTV. Also, I think we might see more 240Hz/ 480Hz HDTVs, maybe a larger (>11-inch) OLED HDTV, “Eco” HDTV, Internet connected HDTV, and 3D HDTV features.

I will keep this post updated with all the CES HDTV announcements as they come in.

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