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Sony Bravia PS3 Promotion

Sony Australia have just announced a great promotion on their 1080p (Full HD) HDTVs. If you so happen to live in Australia and are tempted to buy a Sony Bravia, now is the time. With any 1080p set they will throw in a $699 40Gb PS3 system, perfect for HD gaming and HD Blu-ray movies.

The offer is available on all 1080p sets, so you will need to be looking at their higher end models, such as the Bravia XBR, X or W series. The 40″ KDL403100 series (W3000 in Europe / USA) starts at just $2,999 so saving $699 is truly a great deal.

This promotion will run from 21/12/07 till the 28/01/08. For more info, visit Sony Austrlia.