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Buffalo BHC-6316U2, External HD DVD / Blu-ray Drive

Buffalo are releasing two external HD DVD / Blu-ray combo drives in a black enclosure with USB 2.0 connections. First up is the Buffalo BHC-6316U2 drive which can read all CD / DVD / HD-DVD and Blu-ray disc plus write to both CD and DVDs, and makes use of the GGC-H20N drive inside the enclosure to read both HD formats.

Secondly the Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 drive has all the same reading and writing features of the BHC-6316U2 model but also has the ability to read / burn Blu-ray (BD) disc at 6x speed. This drive uses the GGW-H20N drive.

The BHC-6316U2 will cost $440 while the BRHC-6316U2 will cost roughly $200 more at $440.


Reading speeds: CD:40x, DVD:12x, HD DVD:3x, BD-ROM:6x.
Writing speeds: CD-R:40x, DVD-R:16x, | (BRHC-6316U2) BD-R:6x, BD-RE:2x.

Both drives are also available as internal SATA drives as the BRHC-6316FBS-BK, and the BHC-6316FBS-BK.